Sunday, April 22, 2007

Which is the largest internet company in China?

Which is the largest internet company in China?
It's NOT the excellent portal Sina, NOR the NASDAQ star Baidu. It's Pony Ma' Tenent!

It's now a network empire, you can found that its cute penguin logo is known everywhere.

We alway think Tencent as follows, "Being the leading Instant Messaging (IM) software provider and one of the best known consumer brands in China, Tencent's QQ IM represents over 70% of market share and has over 500 million registered user accounts, with a record of more than 20 million simultaneously online user accounts. "

But now, It's not only the leading Instance Messaging software provider, but also the largest portal, the most richest Internet company in China.
up to now, Tencent's market value is up to 5.7 billion dollars and its income of 2006 is 358 million dollars. As show bellow.

China's Top six Internet company's market value and income of 2006

Corp. Name Market value Income of 2006
Tencent 5.7 billion $ 358million $
Baidu 3.3 billion $ 107 million $
Netease( 2.38 billion $ 284 million $
Sina 1.88 billion $ 213 million $
Shanda 1.82 billion $ 212 million $
Sohu 0.8 billion $ 134 million $
(from China Internet Weekly vol 7 of 2007, pub date 2007.4.5)

Tecent's products and services as follows "
Tencent had formed five business systems, including Internet & value-added service, mobile and telecommunications value-added service, advertising service, enterprise IM service and trademark licensing business.

because of a solid foundation of mass IM users. Tencent seems easy to achieve success in every aspects. In some certain that may be the reason. But not all.

Tencent's Services:
QQ : the leading IM software in China. : the Portal of Tencent. Rank 9 in Alexa.
QQ Game and QQ Show : main income of the company.
TM : Office use IM, most like MSN.
QQMusic and QQZone: the latter is blog service community. : Ebay like c2c e-commercial site.

We can figure out that these services have become one neccessary part of Chinese young people's life.Tecent has become or will become one sign of 'Oneline-Life' and 'Second-Life' in China. That's the reason, Services and innovation!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

IT Viewer

Welcome IT Viewer!

IT means high technology, fortune, chances of gold rush?
But there are also many evils , criminality, spam, porn.

As a engineer, As a Internet sufer. As a bit torrent

participant. I will give something from my own view, and share others' points.

if you have any suggestions or want to communicate with me, feel free to contact me or comment the articles.